Major thank you to all those who’s scientific findings were featured and for anyone who took the time to read and take responsibility of entering the oceans into their own hands.

The Australian Surfing guide to sharks was written by filmmaker and conservationist Madison Stewart as a was to lessen the gap between those who study and swim with sharks and those who surf with them. Having filmed the shark culls, shark nets and other defensive measures against sharks, Madison believes that the conservation of sharks is directly correlated with ensuring the safety of the humans that enter the water everyday in Australia. It is also that this is not done through archaic revenge tactics such as those employed by the government, rather raising the level of awareness surrounding things that increase the potential of a shark attack.

Sharks exist in our waters, and its not only our job to co exist with them, its our privilege. And when we enter the ocean we accept we are not the top predator, but how many us know enough about the ones who are? In 10 pages and over 7000 words, the surfing guide to sharks attempts to show you…  

A compilation of some things you need to know, some things to help you decide when to enter the water and how.

We will never rid the ocean of its sharks, or control our interactions, but we can better defend ourselves.

a film depicting the last shark cull to occur in Australia