Reading your guide updated my knowledge about sharing the same environment as sharks and how to take steps to avoid putting myself in situations that could increase the chances of an incident occuring. I was able to use what i learnt in your guide as well as the studies it references as evidence to repay my dad with some knowledge after everything he taught me.

We are better watermen because of it and constantly educate our friends with the same knowledge. Often dispelling long held beliefs about sharks and helping people who love the water change the way they think about and approach dealing with them.

As I am in the surf almost everyday, this guide has really helped me know when the safest times to swim and avoid a shark interaction are. It’s easy to read and have me information about shark behaviour that I was unknown to me.

A very insightful read into shark behavior. Worth a read if concerned about shark encounters and educating yourself on risk reduction.

As a high school teacher working on the coast, I’ve found this a particularly helpful resource for educating my students who use the ocean every day for recreation!

“This much needed guide will help you mitigate a potential shark attack. The water conditions the day I got attacked was murky, stinky and foul- all signs that I should of not paddled out. Tips that Madison lays out in a informative way. “
— Mike Coots pro surfer & shark attack survivor

Madison ha recopilado una guía muy perspicaz, completa y fácil de entender para todos los fanaticos del mar. Esta es información absolutamente crítica para cualquiera que esté considerando ingresar a aguas donde pueden ocurrir encuentros con tiburones.